Why We’re Still Feeling Optimistic Despite the Recent US Market Turmoil

After our recent trip to Texas & Denver - where our team were hard at work sourcing and securing new opportunities for our US-based clients - the fallout of the recent market turmoil was prevalent. Keep reading to see how we're stepping up to support our clients during these times.

On the back of a recent trip to the States – where our team were working hard to secure innovative opportunities for our clients in the construction industry – we couldn’t help but notice the tremors of the Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) collapse across the country.

During these times, companies and organisations must stay resilient and robust – not just to survive, but thrive. And we’re here to ensure our clients can do exactly that in the upcoming years. Operating across several markets, we’re dedicated to ensuring our clients still see the growth they need to thrive in their respective fields – through the power of executive search. 

Despite the economic uncertainty, we returned from our trip with a feeling of optimism and hope, as well as a determined strategic mindset on how we can best support our clients through these challenging times. Keep reading to find out how.

How we’re helping clients in our core market sectors:

Life Sciences

SVB was a significant investor in the biotech space, which has been a huge contributing factor to the industry’s recent successes over the last few years. Overwhelmed with rules and regulations, the biotech industry is typically a risky sector to invest in, with companies often spending years upon years before ever seeing profitability. SVB has been an active participant in this space, so it’s essential for biotechs across the globe to feel supported and reassured. 

We’re proud to say that we’re acting as crucial support for our clients and partners within the life science space. Now more than ever, it’s essential for biotechs to build out an impressive executive team that can lead the way, get those all-important products onto the market and continue fulfilling unmet patient needs across the world. And building transformative, innovative life science leadership teams is exactly where we excel. 

With a vast network of C-suite candidates and deep-rooted partnerships with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, we know the right people for the right roles, matching them together to drive success. We know how important a good team is to keeping a business successful during times of uncertainty. 


Similarly, despite the bank’s collapse, the long-term outlook for the construction industry still looks promising and full of potential. With 45 states seeing an upward trend in construction employment, we’re now seeing a brighter future for the market – all of which was brought to our attention on our recent USA trip. All in all, this is a far better outlook for the year following the skills shortages of 2022. 

Our specialist consultants are continuing to assist the construction sector, because we know we’re well positioned in the market to be on standby for our clients. Transforming teams with unparalleled talent acquisition, as well as CEO succession planning, organisational design and more are just a few of the ways we think ahead, prevent risks before they occur and ensure our clients stay afloat – even in light of skills shortages and financial crises. 

In a time where talented, strategic thinkers are needed the most, we know we’ve got the tools, talent and in-depth knowledge of the market to work not just alongside our clients, but with them.

Renewable energy, engineering and data centres

On the other hand, while industries like the life science space are susceptible to the crisis, some markets can remain largely insulated by recessions and market fluctuations. We purposely choose to operate within various spaces that are recession-resistant, such as government engineering projects, renewable energy and data centres

Taking the global data centre market as an example, which is thriving in response to the growing digital cloud economy, we’re best-placed to offer high quality talent acquisition for our clients within this space. 

With strong relationships to high profile operators and owners, we have access to talent and opportunities that are invisible to others. Therefore, we know we can continue operating to maximum capacity despite the current climate. That way, we can continue offering first-class services to our clients within this space, so they know they’re getting the best advice, consultancy and services when it comes to growing their business through executive search.

The future

We remain positive and enthusiastic about the US economy. After all, our clients are relying on us. 

The future looks bright, and we’ve got the proof to back up our optimism. As it stands, one of our key clients boasts a backlog until as far as 2028, and March has been a great month for us – having already secured eight talented graduates for our summer scheme! 

By focusing on the strong relationships we’ve built and our expertly-led search strategies, we know the future remains full of promise. It’s our drive, tenacity and determination that will promise success.

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