Graduate & Trainee Academy

Imperium Global offers the most comprehensive training and development programme in the executive search industry.

Through a combination of classroom based training, vocational training and external training and development programmes delivered by our trusted partners, we are able to provide ambitious young graduates the opportunity to get the perfect platform for success in this difficult industry.

A career with Imperium Global includes:

  • Exciting results orientated rewards
  • A meritocratic but also a collaborative team environment where colleagues are genuine in their congratulations
  • Fast track career opportunities which are only limited by your attitude, drive, determination, and ability
  • People who are driven to excel and succeed, naturally work hard, however, we always celebrate a successful month, quarter and year with team bonding events

Academy rewards

  • Personal training
  • Career development
  • A unique benefits package
  • Unrivalled career path
  • Elevation to management within 9-18 months

Attributes you need

  • A tenacious mindset
  • A passion for working in target driven field
  • Tactful approach to relationship management
  • Charismatic communication style
  • Enthusiastic personality with a drive to succeed

Why choose Imperium Global?

You should carefully choose which recruitment companies you apply to based on several key criteria…


Cultural fit is vital. In order to succeed at Imperium Global, your ethics and morals will need to be aligned with our own. We pride ourselves on working with honesty, transparency, decency and expressing an overall respect for your clients, candidates, and colleagues. We expect our Imperium executives to show integrity across every appointment they receive.


Imperium Global are committed to providing our employees with ongoing training. This includes classroom and on-the-job training with your manager and the in-house training director, external courses and further education and mentoring by Imperium Global executives.

Sophistication of solution

It may appear that recruitment companies, on face value are very similar, however, they are very diverse and different. Our academy graduates are taught to be true talent managers who bring a sophisticated solution, different to most, to both our candidates and clients alike. Our long-term training will equip you to act as a true consultant to executives of organisations and to high potential candidates who are strategically looking to build their experience and CV.


We have embraced the rapid changes in the recruitment market and offer our academy graduates a career roadmap that sees the very best, become equity partners. Our internal talent management processes ensure that all of our recruits experience nurturing of skills from their first day, through their entire career with Imperium Global, ensuring that all of our talented employees are continuously growing and developing.

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