Training Academy

At Imperium Global, our mission is to deliver the most comprehensive training programme available on the market today, made especially for the aspiring industry experts of tomorrow. Enter the G&E Academy.

Tailored to entry-level candidates looking to kickstart their recruitment career, the G&E Academy was founded to deliver a first-class programme to help graduates navigate the ever-changing world of executive search.

What to expect from the Academy

Through a combination of lectures, group seminars, vocational training and external development programmes, all delivered by our trusted talent specialists at the G&E Academy, we provide ambitious graduates a platform for success in today’s tough industry.


Become a business leader

Alongside the G&E Academy, we’ve worked hard to make sure our trainee programme is the best of the best. It’s that great in fact, it allows us to take the brightest industry minds and develop them into global business leaders, in just a few short years.

We truly believe age is just a number when it comes to management roles – if you’ve got the skills to do it, you can do it. With that in mind, take a look at your potential next steps, and how we can help build your path towards a successful management career.


The experts behind it all

Experienced, professional and an expert in executive search, Scott Jones is one of the specialists behind the G&E Academy, working to deliver a first-class training programme alongside Head of Leadership Development, Joshua O’Malley. Head below to learn more about the full team who make the Academy happen.


Setting you up for success

Ongoing training

The training doesn’t just stop once you’ve got the basics mastered. To make the most of your full skillset, your training will be an ongoing process, including further classroom training, external courses and on-the-job training with your G&E training director. The learning never stops.

Sophisticated solutions

Graduates of the G&E Academy are taught to be true talent managers, bringing sophisticated solutions to both our candidates and clients. This ongoing training equips you with a diverse set of skills to act as a true consultant, setting you up for life.


We have embraced the rapid changes in the recruitment market and offer our academy graduates a career roadmap that sees the very best become equity partners. From the first day to the final, our trusted talent partners from the G&E Academy are here for continual support, guidance and advice.

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