Success Stories

Our highly trained consultants always rise to the occasion and never compromise, making them some of the best in the business. Meet some of our most successful team members.

George Chatterton

Managing Consultant

University / Exeter University – Geography & French

Tenure / 10 months

Market / Civil Engineering & Infrastructure

Proudest Moment / My proudest moment was selling a retained search campaign to a completely new client 7 weeks after starting with Imperium.

Favourite Memory / Every month we celebrate high performance as a team. My favourite was the end of period where we had breakfast, played golf, and then went for drinks.

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Ryan Scoular

Division Manager, Commercial Construction

University / Exeter University – Criminology BSc

Tenure / 2.5 years

Market / Commercial Construction

Proudest Moment / As one of the first employees of Imperium Global, my proudest moment was seeing us become the first business to generate £1m in revenue in 2022, after starting the company from £0 in 2019.

Favourite Memory / We held our Christmas Party in  Barcelona in 2021, my favourite part was the all you can eat buffet at Soho House!

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Amber Hayes

Senior Consultant

University / Lancaster University – MSc Biomedicine

Tenure / 1 year 4 months

Market / Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Proudest Moment / Closing my first 360 deal after months of building a new desk from scratch, establishing  client relationships, and using my university knowledge to learn about the life science market.

Favourite Memory / Christmas party in Barcelona!

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Josey Morris

Senior Consultant

University / University of Leeds – History

Tenure / 2.5 years (Employee No.1)

Market / Water Construction & Infrastructure

Proudest Moment / After becoming frustrated in my existing space, I started a new market, focusing on water related infrastructure. In less than six months, I was retained on four positions with the largest water infrastructure contractor client in the US!

Favourite Memory / To celebrate having a good month, we went to Flight Club, Ivy Asia, Madisons and  the Aviary. Amazing!

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Will Hobday

Division Manager, Commercial Real Estate

University / Oxford Brookes University – Real Estate Management

Tenure / 1.5 years

Market / Commercial Real Estate Development

Proudest Moment / My proudest moment was becoming a Division Manager and having the opportunity to hire two graduates and watch them succeed, especially watching them get their first fees.

Favourite Memory / It has to be a toss up between eating like kings at Soho House in Barcelona or an all expenses paid trip to watch the boxing at Alexandra Palace.

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Jack Gillanders

Division Manager, Civil Engineering & Infrastructure

University / Bristol UWE – Marketing

Tenure / 2.5 years

Market / Civil Engineering & Infrastructure

Proudest Moment / As Division Manager of our Infrastructure Business, my proudest moment was everyone in my team billing for the first time and contributing to the success of Imperium.

Favourite Memory / Christmas party trip to Barcelona. I can’t remember it!

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