Pride Month at Imperium Global

Pride month is a brilliant time to reflect on the diversity within your company.

This June and beyond we are asking the people around us – colleagues, clients, and friends – to embrace employment diversity and appreciate its transformative value.

Did you know that more diverse companies are 70% more likely to capture new markets? And with the higher number of markets comes much better performance and a lot more money. Indeed, 43% of companies with diverse management exhibited higher profits.

If 57% of employees want to see their company increase diversity – why is it not a top priority in recruitment decisions?

I am fortunate enough that my employers unreservedly embrace my authentic self. It makes coming to work a pleasure, and motivates me to return their respect through hard work and change-making growth decisions.

Not everyone is so lucky. Microaggressions, implicit behaviour, and worse are rife in workplaces, and it can be especially hard for junior employees to speak up. An individual who is constantly suppressing themselves to conform to heterosexual, patriarchal, or racial norms is at the same time minimising their ability for the type of transformative free-thinking that helps a business and its team be the best it can be.

What can we do to help?

Representation is an excellent place to start. Minorities in management teams who are able to live authentically legitimises this authenticity for the teams below them, encouraging potentially hundreds of talented individuals to experience the same respect and team-feeling that I enjoy at work.

This June: ask the diversity question.

Recruiters – ensure there is diversity in your shortlists, and actively address your biases that are making your shortlists so singular.

And finally, embrace your differences; our ability to be uniquely transformative lies in these very differences.

Happy Pride, everyone.

Author: Richard James


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